Business Law

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In a rapidly changing and complex world, legal advice on business matters and reliable contractual arrangements are indispensable guarantors of success for business companies and entrepreneurs. Our core competences include employment, banking, building, company, commercial and tax law. Our expertise focuses on insolvency law and on the adjacent fields of law, such as rescission law.  Our service portfolio is highly specialized. We do what we know best, so we know what to do. 
We enforce our clients’ claims judicially, extra-judicially or by arbitration and we ward off demands of third parties. 
Our 20 attorneys-at-law have had many years of experience in drafting legally reliable contracts for national and transnational transactions regarding Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) as well as for business successions. 
A party to a contract is insolvent. What should be done? Is the insolvency practitioner asserting a rescission claim against you? What are fiscal recapitalization gains, and how should this situation be dealt with? What is the contents of a good employment contract? Do you intend to buy or sell a business company? Which legal requirements must be observed as to business succession arrangements? You may expect reliable answers to all these questions. We will handle these matters for you.  
Every case is different and thus requires special treatment. Our experienced lawyers and board certified specialist lawyers in insolvency, commercial and company, employment or tax law will develop together with you a tailor-made strategy for your particular case. 

Our Business Law Services

Legal consultation, extra-judicial and judicial representation in the fields of 

  • Insolvency law 
  • Commercial and company law 
  • Employment law 
  • Banking law 
  • Private building and immovable property law 
  • Tax law 
  • National and international operations 
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