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Rechtsanwälte und Insolvenzverwalter GmbH (Attorneys-at-Law and Insolvency Practitioners, German Limited Liability Company) 

Company Domicile (Registered Office): Erfurt

Andreasstraße 37 b-c
D-99084 Erfurt
Telephone: +49(0) 361/ 43038930
Telefax: +49(0) 361/ 43038939

Further Insolvency Offices :

Mauerstr. 86-88
D-10117 Berlin
Telephone: +49(0) 30/ 22640950    
Telefax: +49(0) 30/ 22640959


Horst-Menzel-Str. 4
D-09112 Chemnitz
Telephone: +49(0) 371/ 3514430
Telefax: +49(0) 371/ 3514431

Bahnhofstraße 34
D-96450 Coburg
Telephone: +49(0) 9561/ 883470
Telefax: +49(0) 9561/ 883475

Louis-Braille-Str. 5
D-01139 Dresden
Telephone: +49(0) 351/ 6560135
Telefax: +49(0) 351/ 6560136

Ebelingstraße 10
D-07545 Gera
Telephone: +49(0) 365/ 7731148
Telefax: +49(0) 365/ 7731149

Leipziger Str. 87-92 (Ritterhaus)
D-06108 Halle
Telephone: +49(0) 345/ 2254188
Telefax: +49(0) 345/ 2254111


Sonnenplatz 2
D-95028 Hof
Telephone: +49(0) 9281/ 14028030
Telefax: +49(0) 9281/ 14028039


Ferdinand-Lassalle-Str. 22
D-04109 Leipzig
Telephone: +49(0) 341/ 94016729
Telefax: +49(0) 341/ 94016720

Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße 9
D-99734 Nordhausen
Telephone: +49(0) 361/ 43038930
Telefax: +49(0) 361/ 43038939

Managing Directors: Volker Reinhardt, Steffen Zerkaulen, Marcello Di Stefano, Attorneys-at-Law

Company Domicile and Registration: Erfurt, Jena District Court, HRB 503923 (Commercial Register Number)

Tax Number: 151 / 117 / 05191


Consumer Information:

Online dispute resolution according to section 14(1) ODR-Regulation: The EU runs an online dispute resolution platform under 21 Information subject to DL-InfoV (German Regulation on the Obligations of Service Contractors to Provide Information):

Obligation to provide information according to the German Consumer Dispute Regulation Act (VSBG): REINHARDT & KOLLEGEN do not take part in any dispute settlement procedures.

All attorneys-at-law who work for the REINHARDT & KOLLEGEN Rechtsanwaelte und Insolvenzverwalter GmbH are admitted to the Bar in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The following Bar Associations (German Chambers of Lawyers) are the competent supervisory authorities of the attorneys-at–law who work for the REINHARDT & KOLLEGEN Rechtsanwaelte und Insolvenzverwalter GmbH:


Rechtsanwaltskammer Thueringen

Bahnhofstrasse 46

D-99084 Erfurt

Telephone: +49(0) 361/ 654880

Telefax: +49(0) 361/ 6548820





Rechtsanwaltskammer Sachsen

Glacisstrasse 6

D-01099 Dresden

Telephone: +49(0) 351/ 31 85 90

Telefax: +49(0) 351/ 33 60 899





Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin

Littenstrasse 9

D-10179 Berlin

Telephone: +49(0) 30/ 30 69 31 0

Telefax: +49(0) 30/ 30 69 31 99




Bavaria (Bamberg Higher Regional Court District):

Rechtsanwaltskammer fuer den Bezirk des Oberlandesgerichts Bamberg

Friedrichstrasse 7

D-96047 Bamberg

Telephone: +49(0) 951/ 98620-0

Telefax: +49(0) 951/ 203503





Rechtsanwaltskammer des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt

Gerhart-Hauptmann-Strasse 5

D-39108 Magdeburg

Telephone: +49(0) 391-252 72 10

Telefax: +49(0) 391-252 72 03



The following scales of fees and rules governing the legal profession shall apply:

Federal Lawyers’ Act (BRAO), Rules of Professional Practice for Lawyers (BORA), Board Certified Specialist Lawyers’ Act (FAO), Lawyers’ Remuneration Act (RVG), Rules of Professional Practice for the Lawyers of the European Union (as laid down by the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe, CCBE), Insolvency Practitioners’ Remuneration Regulation (InsVV).

The prevailing rules governing the legal profession can be found at the Federal Bar Association’s website ( under the heading ‘Berufsrecht’ (Professional Law).

Professional liability insurance: Zurich Versicherung AG, D-53287 Bonn

The territorial scope of application of the above insurance coverage refers to our locations in the Federal Republic of Germany, provided the respective operations are not related to consultations and transactions regarding extra-European law or the representation before an extra-European court.

The copyright regarding the contents of the present website or parts thereof is held by the REINHARDT & KOLLEGEN Rechtsanwaelte und Insolvenzverwalter GmbH or by such third parties who have granted a respective right of use to the aforesaid law firm.

Single pages of this website may, solely for the use within your business company, be downloaded, temporarily stored and printed out.

Any other reproductions, transmissions or communications regarding the contents of the above website, in particular by downloading, storing or printing, shall be forbidden without the explicit approval of the REINHARDT & KOLLEGEN Rechtsanwaelte und Insolvenzverwalter GmbH. Should you have any further queries concerning this matter, please contact Ms. Boehm (, tel. +49(0)361/4303 89 – 30, in our central office in Erfurt.

Pictorial Sources: All photographs originate from our own stock or from the image portals ’’ and ‘’ along with the respective licenses.

All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy and actuality of the information and links available on the above websites. But any liability regarding the use of such information or links or regarding the confidence in their accuracy shall be excluded. Any liability for the contents of the linked sites shall exclusively rest with the maintainers of such sites.

Any information available on the above websites and in particular within our client area shall not constitute any legal advice.

For reasons of protection of personal data, all persons mentioned on the above website shall hereby contradict the commercial use and circulation of their data (cf. para 28 Federal Data Protection Act, BDSG).

The legal information on this page as well as any matters and disputes arising in the context of the above website shall be subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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